An investigative podcast series made for the environmental stewards of the world.

The Sustainability Champions podcast series partners with people and companies that promote and apply sustainable practices within their businesses and in their lifestyles.

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We love seeing global companies commit to sustainability. It shows that being planet-friendly is possible even for the biggest players on the market, without disappointing their shareholders. When a company's products are made from sustainable materials and are built to last a long time, you could argue that sellers are missing out on revenue. We live in times where new kitchen appliances, clothes and electronics will only last a few years, while the same things that have been passed down from grandparents have stood the test of time. Today’s guest knows that building to last is the right thing to do. Samsonite is a global luggage and travel accessories manufacturer that takes the helm of brands like TUMI, Hartmann, American Tourister and others. They value sustainability highly and have implemented a number of policies across their global lines of products, from recycling materials, to easy repairs and products that last. Learning how an industry leading corporation like Samsonite implements their philosophy is truly fascinating.

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