This ‘Changemaker’ from Tomorrow University has developed an emissions reduction service as part of her studies!

Series 3, episode 12 of the Sustainability Champions Podcast!

Introducing Eilecia Bovard - EU Climate Pact Ambassador and CEO & Co-Founder of The Perfect Farm. Perfect Farm is a company that specialises in helping farmers and corporations use their platform to enable EU livestock farmers to find funding, solutions providers and supplemental revenue channels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the new Industrial Emissions Directive, IED, 2027.

To reduce emissions to meet the 2030 climate agenda will require innovative thinking, backed by proper education.

Eilecia is a Master of Science student at Tomorrow University, where she had the opportunity through one of her modules at the university discover the idea behind Perfect Farms and make it a reality.

We have shown Tomorrow University on our channel earlier this year to understand their approach to educating and training learners with the knowledge to become, as they put it, ‘Change Makers’.

As part of her experience studying at Tomorrow University this year, Eilicia will be finishing her Masters in September and looking to scale her start-up with the vision to create a platform that creates a more sustainable, thriving and resilient agricultural sector that protects the planet’s resources and animal welfare.

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Change Maker’ Tomorrow University is having an online open next week. Click the link below to learn more:

This weekend's podcast guest features Eilecia Bovard from Perfect and a student at Tomorrow University.

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