This company has created a compostable and landfill biodegradable packaging solution!

Series 1, episode 13 of the Sustainability Champions Podcast 🎙

Introducing Devana Ng; The Co-Founder of INVISIBLE COMPANY, a company that specialises in providing alternative packaging to different fashion brands, e-commerce, logistics and retails to replace the conventional packaging. 

Their solution is water-soluble, compostable and landfill biodegradable packaging which is called #INVISIBLEBAG. This packaging doesn’t contain PP, PE, PS, PVC plastic and is Non-toxic to the environment!

The story behind Invisible Company began in 2018 when Co-Founder Devana and her husband Flavien through their love and passion for hiking, especially in the mountains in Hong Kong.

It was through this passion that both Devana and Flavien discovered they were cleaning up trails on their hikes, most of which included plastic waste and rubbish bags. 

Devana and Flavien discovered that all the packaging they found was neither recycled nor biodegradable. They wanted to find a way to reduce waste at the source with an alternative solution which is not harmful to our environment. Hence, in 2020, they started researching and created this water-soluble material and design that makes up their INVISIBLE BAG packaging. 

Since then, Invisible Company has started to work with over 700 brands worldwide, mostly in fashion, with the goal to create a greener online shopping experience for logistics companies and e-commerce brands. 

Both Founders Devana and Flavien are passionate about addressing the needs of climate change and for Insviable Company, they are optimistic that their packaging solution will make a small change to both businesses and consumers, but make a big impact on the environment!

Truly inspiring sustainable champions, this week we speak with the Co-Foudner of Invisible Company; Devana Ng. 

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Presented by: Daniel Hartz 

Produced by: Daniel Hartz & Peter Donnelly

Video Edit by: Abdallah Raddadi 

This feature is sponsored by the team at Invisible Company.

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