This company has made a device that makes a bike ‘e’ instantly!

Series 1, episode 14 of the Sustainability Champions Podcast 🎙

Introducing Som Ray, The CEO & Founder of CLIP, a company that specialises in making a portable propulsion device that is designed to transform any standard bike into an e-bike instantly! 

Transportation is responsible for 24% of global direct CO₂ emissions, road vehicles account for nearly three quarters of transport emissions, and these numbers are not decreasing. On top of the unsustainable levels of carbon emissions that are ruining our planet’s climate, road vehicles are polluting our air at unprecedented levels. 

Therefore, we will need much more cycling if we are to combat climate change!

This is what inspired Som, the CEO & Founder of CLIP Bikes to create an electronic solution for biking. CLIP's powerful friction drive delivers smooth power on demand to make any urban commute easy as the breeze.

Many of our team here at Sustainability Champions own an e-bike and we know e-bikes are expensive and they get stolen a lot! So, what if you could simply detach the ‘e’ from your bike to carry it inside?

Just detach & GO!

CLIP is as light as a laptop, fits in your backpack & looks great charging on your desk.

A truly inspiring sustainable champion, this week we speak with the CEO  & Founder of CLIP; Som Ray

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Presented by: Daniel Hartz 

Produced by: Daniel Hartz & Peter Donnelly

Video Edit by: Abdallah Raddadi 

This feature is sponsored by the team at CLIP Bike.

Sustainability Champions Ltd.

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