This company is improving water efficiency to prevent over-consumption in water-scarce areas.

Series 1, episode 8 of the Sustainability Champion’s Podcast 🎙

Introducing Yasmine Ben Miloud, the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Water-Sec. 

At present; Tunisia is one of the most water scarce countries in the world. In 2017,  367 cubic metres (m3) of water were available per capita to its almost 12 million inhabitants, compared to a regional average of 526 m3 and global average of 5,700 m3. 

This lack of access to water has meant many Tunisians live with water curfews in the south and drought in many parts of the country. 

Water-Sec was born to tackle the issue of water scarcity in Tunisia and the wider MENA countries. By offering a technological solution to monitor the water consumption of people and organisations, to help save the water used daily and face the resource scarcity concerns.   

This week COP27 will be held in the MENA region in Egypt and our Founder Daniel Hartz will be at COP27 speaking with sustainability champions from around the world to discuss the climate problems we all face and the solutions these champions are creating. 

One of these champions is the team at Water-Sec and their Founder & Head of Marketing Yasmine Ben Miloud. 

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Presented by: Daniel Hartz 

Produced by: Daniel Hartz & Peter Donnelly

Video Edit by: Abdallah Raddadi 

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