This man is on a mission to make his products from 100% ocean bound plastics by the end of 2023!

Series 2, episode 7 of the Sustainability Champions Podcast 🎙

Introducing Ben Ridding, the Founder of Ulu, a company formed because of Ben’s love for the sea. Ulu makes waterproof backpacks and tow floats with the mission to make all of their products from 100% ocean-bound plastics.

So, why does the ocean matter?

When we think about the issues we face as a result of climate change, it’s important to remember that our oceans need to be clean and protected to avoid the most severe issues that climate change is causing globally.

Our oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate much of the oxygen that we breathe.

We sometimes overlook the need for a clean and protected ocean when we think about sustainability. But for many people, the ocean is their playground, where they go to escape life's challenges and reconnect with nature.

Ben does not necessarily consider himself a ‘Sustainability Champion,’ but rather someone who is eco-conscious, using common sense to make a small change to address a major crisis. In this episode, Ben discusses how he plans to make all of his products from 100% ocean-bound plastic.

This is how he and the team at Ulu ensure they are making a real difference when it comes to protecting the ocean from plastic.

In this episode we discuss the plastic pollution crisis, what brands and people can do to address this problem, ‘greenwashing’ - or falsely advertising a brand is sustainable - and how Ben is trying to create awareness by educating consumers, people and manufacturers.

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Presented by: Daniel Hartz

Produced by: Daniel Hartz & Peter Donnelly

Video Edit by: Abdallah Raddadi

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