This startup-founded university is on a mission to educate and empower the change makers of tomorrow.

Series 2, episode 1 of the Sustainability Champion’s Podcast 🎙

Introducing Dr. Thomas Funke, CEO and Co-Founder of, the first fully state-accredited European university to be founded by a Tech-Startup.

Tomorrow University has been educating learners through its revolutionary approach to education since 2020, with a strong focus on sustainability and technology.

When the pandemic hit, Thomas and his Co-Founder, Christian Rebernik, realised quickly that our current education systems were not prepared to take learning into the 21st century. Traditional classrooms were simply taken online, resulting in highly ineffective learning through endless zoom lectures and little peer interaction.

Seeing this as an opportunity to radically change education for the better, the two founders created Tomorrow University: a remote-first university allowing students to learn from anywhere in the world at any time, and forming a real-time community in the virtual campus.

Tomorrow University offers students the opportunity to acquire 21st century skills in sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship through its challenge-based learning model. Learners tackle real-world problems and scenarios and devise strategies to solve them. They can choose from a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, an Impact Degree in Green Tech, or take part in one of the regular Open Challenges to discover a new way of learning.

This week we speak with Dr Thomas Funke on the first episode of our new series to discuss in more detail the higher education courses and approach to education in sustainability.

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Presented by: Daniel Hartz

Produced by: Daniel Hartz & Peter Donnelly

Video Edit by: Abdallah Raddadi

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