This team aims to demystify the circular economy and design.

Series 1, episode 11 of the Sustainability Champion’s Podcast 🎙

Introducing Michael Hirschhorn, CEO and Founder at Mebl Furniture & Scarlette Tapp, Executive Director at The Sustainable Furnishings Council. 

Michael & Scarlette work together to create and publish The Circular Design Glossary, a glossary of terms that provides definitions on specific language used in the circular economy. The idea is to help the furniture industry move towards circular thinking and design  of furniture products both in the US and around the world.  

The very concept of sustainability is based on meeting the various needs of the present without compromising the possibilities of future generations. But what does furniture design have to do with the circular economy? Basically everything because they go together! Design is the starting point of the production chain of every piece of furniture.

WIth The Glossary, both Michael & Scarlette are on a mission to help more businesses within the furnishings industry to reuse and recycle different materials as many times as possible, therebye avoiding unnecessary pollution and waste, while simultaneously  promoting values of social and environmental responsibilities, both with their members and nonmembers. 

Michael, Scarlette and the team behind The Glossary want to feature inspiring circular-design applications from sofas to tables to lighting. The Glossary illustrates real-life solutions to today’s wasteful linear ‘take-make-waste’ way of living. 

The Circular Design Glossary is an independent, non-sponsored publication featuring: 

  1. 40+ circular design concepts, case studies and photographs
  2. Emerging and established designers 
  3. Innovative furniture/furnishings companies 
  4. Insights, inspiration and concrete applications for practitioners 

This week we speak with both Micahel and Scarlette on our eleventh podcast episode to discuss their Glossary publication and the concepts behind a circular approach to the furnishing industry. 

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