This woman’s company is empowering individuals with reputable information to discover brands that align with what they value and discover how sustainable an organisation actually is!

Series 1, episode 7 of the Sustainability Champion’s Podcast 🎙

Introducing Maryclaire Manard, the Founder and CEO at Cluey Consumer. 

So what is Cluey Consumers? Cluey exists to solve the modern-day dilemma for impact-conscious consumers who want to align their purchases with their values & enables those consumers, through the collective power of the free market, to change how corporations impact people, the planet and even politics. 

So how is Cluey making a difference? Cluey makes a difference by holding corporations more accountable to their consumers who care about spending their money responsibly. So instead of persuasive marketing campaigns from companies calling the shots on how our consumer habits should change over time, Cluey is putting that power back into the hands of the consumer. It may seem like a small action on the individual level, but with Cluey, it has the capability to make a revolutionary impact.

Cluey is rating brands using the three Ps: their impact on people, the planet and politics.

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Presented by: Daniel Hartz 

Produced by: Daniel Hartz & Peter Donnelly

Video Edit by: Abdallah Raddadi 

This feature is sponsored by the team at Cluey.

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