New to a sustainable lifestyle? Eco friendly dish soap is the easiest sustainable kitchen swap you can make! Always know that each step towards sustainable and zero waste living guides us to reduce landfill contribution. Eco friendly kitchen dish soap is also an easy step you can take to protect our waterways.

I have researched and investigated sustainable, zero-waste solutions online but finding the best eco-friendly dish soap was challenging even for me. However, I was lucky enough to compile a list of diverse eco-friendly dish soap options. Not all of them are 100% zero waste but expect to find the most sustainable and eco friendly dish soap alternatives currently in the market!

Best eco friendly dish soap alternatives - A rundown

#1 Best eco dish soap bar: No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block  

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and plastic waste

#2 Best all-in-all: Seventh Generation Dish Soap

Affordable, cruelty-free, and safe on the skin

#3 Best formula: Attitude dish soap

Uses only natural, plant-based, and hypoallergenic ingredients.

#4 Best budget: ECOS dish mate dish soap-free and clear

US woman-owned company, plant-based cleaning at affordable price

#5 Best bulk purchase: Better Life dish soap refill

Affordable and a cruelty-free brand

#6 Best dishwasher pods: Dropps

Easy, convenient, and eco friendly substitute to conventional dishwasher pods

#7 Best packaging: Cleancult liquid dish soap

80% paper-based convenient packaging

We have put together a list of top-rated, easily available eco friendly dish soap alternatives that can help you make an easy transition to sustainable living. In general, eco friendly dish soap uses chlorine and phosphate-free ingredients to protect the environment and natural fragrances for those with sensitive skin.

There are many eco friendly dishwasher soaps for you to consider. Read through our detailed review until you find what’s right for you. To help you further, read our buying guide for eco friendly dishwashing soaps for a better decision. Let’s begin!

First of all, before we jump into the detailed review on the best eco friendly dish soaps, it is important to understand the best way to clean dishes. Dish soap is just one part of the process; we need to have something to scrub the dishes with.

Traditional sponges made from plastic are the most common, but they are problematic for the environment. Conventional dish scrubs are made from polyester and nylon. These materials are not only non-biodegradable but are also made from non-renewable resources like gas and oil!

After extensive research, I have shortlisted the best eco friendly sponges and scrubs available on the market!

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Best eco friendly dish soap alternatives

#1 Seventh Generation dish soap


  • No Fragrance
  • Recycled Packaging
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Affordable

Seventh Generation dish soap earns a spot on the list for its chemical-free formula and affordability. These products are developed for those with sensitive skin. With no fragrance, this dish soap is plant-based, cruelty-free, and safe on the skin.

You can buy the refill pack and use the same dispenser. The vegan-based formula is free from parabens, phosphates, SLS, SLES, triclosan, MEA, DEA, TEA, petrochemicals, caustics, and dyes.

Seventh Generation is a certified B Corporation, USDA certified biobased product 95% and EPA Safer Choice Certified Product. This hypoallergenic fragrance-free dish soap is dermatologist tested.

Amount: 25 Fl Oz in 1 bottle

Disclaimer: Some customers have complained that the packaging does not have a seal and can get a bit messy.

Tip: You can dilute a portion of dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the dish to evenly distributed the soap solution. It greatly helps to save money and more use from the product!

Buy here: Amazon

#2 No Tox Life


  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan, Non-toxic
  • Palm Oil free
  • Ethically sourced
  • Eco friendly packaging

No Tox Life is by far the most sustainable alternative to get the toughest stains and grease out of your cookware. Not only is this the best zero waste dishwashing soap on the market, but it is also a multipurpose soap that can be used for hands and counterparts.

This vegan, zero-waste soap is free from sulfates, phosphates, parabens, fragrances, and palm oil. It is cruelty-free and biodegradable. It also contains Aloe Vera, which is gentle on the skin and leaves it soft.

It is a better choice than liquid soap because most liquid soaps come in plastic and contain more water.

Amount: One 5.9 ounce bar is equivalent to 25 ounces of dishwashing liquid soap.

The gentle ingredients earned No Tox Vegan dish soap an “A” from EWG. It contains soapbark (Quillaja Saponaria), which can be irritating to the eyes and trigger symptoms sometimes. The packaging is made from recyclable paper.

Disclaimer: Some users with soft water have noticed a residue on air-dried dishes. Towel dry to remove the spots!

Buy here: Amazon | Ecoroots

#3 Attitude dish soap


  • Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • PETA certified
  • Delightful fragrance

This natural dishwashing liquid is made from plant-based ingredients like saponin that helps to effectively clean dirty dishes and wash away impurities. The advanced degreasing powder is gentle on the hands and tough on cookware. It is free from SLS, SLES, and also 1.4-Dioxane and Ethylene oxide.

It does not contain any harmful preservatives, Phthalates, and Triclosan that are considered potential endocrine disruptors by EWG.

The product is ECOLOGO Certified, which means it is a sustainable dishwashing liquid with minimum environmental impact. It is also PETA certified, making it a cruelty-free and 100% vegan alternative.

Amount: 23.7 Fl Oz

Variety: Dishwasher tablets, Baby bottle, and dishwashing liquid, Eco-refill dishwashing liquid, dishwashing soap (Pink Grapefruit and unscented).

Buy here: Amazon

#4 Best budget: ECOS dish mate dish soap-free and clear


  • Plant-based formula
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Free from chlorine
  • Petroleum-based ingredients

Earth Friendly ECOS Hypoallergenic Dishmate Free & Clear Dish Soap will make it easy for you to leave behind conventional dishwashing soap. It is plant-based, biodegradable, and free of chlorine and petrochemicals.

One of the featured ingredients in this product is coconut. The ingredient choices and Earth Friendly’s Zero Waste manufacturing principles have earned ECOS the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Certification and an “A” grade from EWG.

Disclaimer: A few customers have stated that it does not cut the grease effectively. You can solve this issue by using a better scrub and a sufficient amount of dishwashing soap.

Variety (Scent): Almond, Apricot, Free and Clear, Grapefruit, Lavender, Natural Pear

Buy here: Amazon

#5 Best bulk purchase: Better Life dish soap refill


  • Plant-based cleaning ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable

The affordable, hypoallergenic Better Life Dish Soap Refill is made from a corn and coconut-based formula. It is free from dyes, fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. It also has mild ingredients like soothing aloe and vitamin E, earning an “A” from EWG.

The dish wash cleans the cookware well without irritating and unhealthy ingredients. It also meets high standards for non-animal tested products. The consistency is also thinner than conventional dish soaps.

Disclaimer: Customers have reported that the soap does not lather much. You may need some more liquid soap to make it work. However, the soap is quite gentle on the skin.

Variety (Scent): Lemon mint, Pomegranate, Unscented

Buy here: Amazon

#6 Best dishwasher pods: Dropps


  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Eco friendly substitute  

Made from mineral-based ingredients, this triple-action dishwashing detergent rinses baked-on tough food stains. The pods are compact and efficient, designed to fit in the machines. The product is tested by a third party and is cruelty-free. It is great for easy, effective, and mess-free cleaning.

The ingredients used are clean and eco friendly. The formula is free from dyes, chlorine, phosphates, and phthalates. It contains oxygen-based bleaching agents, stain-fighting enzymes, and plant-based ingredients. The pod membrane is made from a water-soluble material called Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH)

Buy here: Amazon | Earthhero

#7 Best packaging: Cleancult liquid dish soap


  • 80% paper-based convenient packaging
  • Clean ingredients
  • Affordable

Cleancult Natural Liquid Dish Soap’s paper-based packaging reduces plastic waste. The bottle has a plastic pouring spout and cap of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived from soy, sugarcane, and corn. The refill cartons are 80%, 15% PE, and 5% aluminum, making them recyclable. The refill cartons have a thin layer of aluminum and PE.

The coconut-based formula is not just clean but is also sensitive to skin. It is filled with nourishing vitamin E, restoring the moisture. The ingredients are simple, plant-based, and have the aroma of natural essential oils, making them an eco friendly option. The dishwashing liquid is not made from typical surfactants, so it might not create much suds but it doesn’t affect its ability to clean.

Amount: 32 ounces of dish soap

Varieties (Scent): Grapefruit basil, sweet honeysuckle, blue sage, and lemongrass

Buy here: Amazon


#1 Why choose eco friendly dish soap?

The simple task of washing dishes in your kitchen can potentially harm the environment. To start with, many popular conventional dishwashing liquids contain a high rate of phosphate. Phosphate helps to suspend dirt and grease in water and activates other cleaning agents in the liquid. However, excesses of phosphate can lead to a severe multiplication of algae after discharging in water bodies. Algae form a coating over the surface of water bodies, blocking the entry of sunlight, depriving other marine species of oxygen, and ultimately killing them. When cyanobacteria, a type of micro-organism created by algae, grows in vast quantities in the water, it can be lethal to human beings if the contaminated water is congested.

#2 Can eco friendly dishes effectively sanitize dishes?

When washing dishes by hand, effective dishwashing is like washing your own hands. With enough soap, a good scrubber, and hot water, you can easily achieve the results that you desire. If you skip any of these three elements, you may not effectively sanitize your dishes.

Most automatic dishwashers are designed to make sure that the dishes are thoroughly sanitized.

Often the sponge you use can contain germs. It is smart to regularly soak your sponge in diluted vinegar between uses.

Eco friendly dish soap - A Buying Guide

How to choose a biodegradable dish soap

While choosing a biodegradable dish soap, make sure that you consider factors like the ingredients of the product! Here are some tips that can help you make a better choice.

Choose a plant-based formula

Regular dishwashing soaps are non-biodegradable because they contain toxic chemicals like phosphates, DEA, and cocamide. Conventional dishwashing residue causes algal bloom and alters natural habitat.

Go for formulas that contain essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, lavender, or lime oil. Keep an eye out for vinegar, baking soda, or borax. These natural ingredients can power through all the greasy residue, leaving your dishes squeaky clean!

Avoid irritants that can trigger allergic reactions

Harsh chemicals, like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, are found in conventional dish soaps. It can dry the skin and cause allergic reactions.

As a rule of thumb, the higher percentage of plant-based ingredients, the better. Some natural oils can trigger allergic reactions, so choose products that are tested by dermatologists.

Soaps with official certifications

Many dish soaps are portrayed as 100% biodegradable and sustainable, usually in favor to influence the consumers but it can be hard to identify the truth behind such claims from just knowing the product based on the packaging description.

To verify the authenticity of the products, look out for registered symbols of certified bodies. Oftentimes, items that have official certifications like EcoLogo and USDA Certified Bio-Based Product is inspected and meets the standards that are set for strict regulation by the respective certification bodies.

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