Shaving is an essential part of the personal care routine for men because they choose to keep their facial hair in check. Considering how often we shave, only a few of us think of the effect it might have on the environment. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly razors available that you can switch to that create less of a  negative impact on the environment.

One of the greatest challenges that men face is that eco-friendly razors are usually offered by smaller, lesser-known brands.

While there are bigger brands that have eco-friendly options, it is also important to note that who you buy from also matters as much as the product that you buy. After all, being sustainable is about supporting companies that not only offer eco-friendly products but also operate ethically.

In this article, we will have a look at different eco-friendly razor options to choose from, look at their specifications, and also learn what to look out for while purchasing an eco-friendly/ sustainable razor.

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The best eco-friendly and sustainable razor options to choose from!

#1 Bambaw - Best overall

#2 Jungle Culture - Best bamboo

#3 Preserve - Best recycled

#4 Cambridge Cut Throat - Best cut-throat razor

#5 Merkur - Best for beginners

#6 Edwin Jagger - Best branded and premium quality

#7 Bull Dog - Best lightweight and travel friendly

The Review: Best eco-friendly razor alternatives

Choosing an eco-friendly razor is not a difficult task. All you need to do is simply switch from a disposable razor to a reusable one that can help you reduce your carbon and single-use plastic footprint.

You can simply just switch to an all-steel razor and call it a day. However, the following recommendations suggest not only eco-friendly razors but also brands that are actively following sustainable and ethical business practices!

#1 Bambaw - Best bamboo


  1. Lightweight bamboo handle
  2. Stainless steel parts
  3. Fits double edge blades

This eco-friendly swap is a no-brainer as it is not only better for the planet but also gives a good shave! Conventional razors have multiple blades that can cause skin irritation and result in ingrown hairs.

Bambaw razors are made completely from bamboo and stainless steel with double edge razors that not only look stylish but also give a clean shave. The handle is made from high-quality and sustainably sourced bamboo for better grip and durability.

It is also a cost-effective option because once you have the safety razor, all you have to do is buy the blades. This offers better value for money in the long run.

Disclaimer: The bambaw razor should not be shaved like any other cartridge razor. This bamboo razor is a lot heavier and glides smoothly over the skin while cartridge razors are much lighter and require more pressure. The razor does not have a pivoting head, so we suggest shaving in shorter strokes.

How to use: Unscrew the stainless steelhead. The two stainless steel parts will separate. Place the razor blade in between the headspace. Screw back the blade in place and it is ready to use. The razor also comes with a user manual which can help you use it better.

Buy here: Amazon

#2 Jungle Culture - Best travel friendly


  1. Sustainable safety razor
  2. Comfortable handle - perfect for beginners
  3. Comes in attractive pastel colors

The vibrant collection of pastel-colored double blade razors have been designed for men and women looking to make a sustainable switch to a zero-waste lifestyle. The perfectly balanced double edge is developed for its perfect shaving experience, while also being sustainable. The plastic-free razor comes with an ethically sourced jute and organic cotton bag, all packed in a premium, plastic-free magnetic box.

These metal safety razors are a perfect zero waste swap, without degrading the shaving experience in any way. These are comparatively lighter than the Bambaw razor and travel-friendly.

Disclaimer: Since these are not pivotal razors, you need to apply adequate pressure with short strokes for them to work. It is recommended to be cleaned after every use and dried to avoid any possible rusting.

Buy here: Amazon

#3 Preserve - Best recycled


  1. Recycled plastic
  2. certified B corp
  3. Flexible head

The Preserve is a well-known brand that has built its reputation for its environmental efforts. It is also a certified B Corp, which means that its processes and value chains are socially, ethically, and environmentally focused.

Since it is a plastic razor, don’t judge it too quickly! It is the only razor available that is made from recycled materials. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly options as it is not made from brand new materials.

The experience of Preserve 5 compared to a classic cartridge razor is quite similar. The pivoting head works amazing, giving you a closer and safer shaving experience than other eco-friendly alternatives. These razors feel lightweight and have a better grip for a better hold and applying pressure.

They also have a Gimme 5 program. You can send back the razor’s plastic handles after you are done with it and their other plastic products. Plastic #5 is polypropylene - which is one of the least recycled plastics.

Buy here: Amazon

#4 Cambridge Cut Throat - Best cut-throat razor


  1. High quality
  2. Comes in a faux leather pouch
  3. Good weight and sturdy grip

The Cambridge Cutthroat razor is a high-quality, approved stainless steel and made from magnificent Missanda wood from Britain. The sturdy and quality material can last for a long time and stands no chance of rusting in minimal moisture.

The wooden handle is shaped specifically to ensure a zero-waste secure grip and comfort. It helps you glide across the skin to shape your facial hair effectively with precision. The low-exposure blade also ensures minimum cut and a safe shaving experience.

Disclaimer: It is recommended to be familiar with how to use cut-throat razors. Please be careful as it requires a certain level of caution while handling. Holding razors for different strokes is also something that takes a while to master. Slow and steady wins the race as they say!

Buy here: Amazon

#5 Merkur - Best for beginners


  1. Long and slim handle
  2. Lightweight
  3. Stainless steel body

The Merkur 23c has a knurling-textured, long handle, which benefits anyone who may be likely to drop the razor because it gives a better grip on the handle. The slim handle means a firmer and more reassuring grip that feels easy to handle.

Because it is a mild razor, you might need to add some pressure. Also, mind that the angle used in long length handles and short length handles is different. It is important to find the correct angle. Having a longer handle means more flexibility of movement and angle.

It is a closed comb razor which means it is quite safe, with teeth funneling the bristles as you use the razor. It is elegant, lightweight, and slim - the best the market has to offer.

Buy here: Amazon

#6 Edwin Jagger - Best branded and premium quality


  1. Unique design - smart chrome handle
  2. Comfortable weight and length
  3. Fits all standard DE blades

Edwin Jagger is a well-known brand that has been producing quality products for nearly three decades now. The Edwin Jagger DE89L has a very attractive chrome-plated finish that looks lovely on the desk. Besides the looks, the razor itself gives an excellent shave. The balance in length and weight helps you to get a next-to-perfect shave. The lined handle not only looks attractive but also offers a better grip in case it gets wet.

It has a classic closed comb head, which is developed with a polished stainless steel blade for a clean shave and reduces the chances of ingrown hair. The two-part DE razor head goes well with any standard Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.

The razor handles unscrew itself from the two head plates to place a fresh blade. Screw them back together and you are back in action!

Buy here: Amazon

#7 Bull Dog - Best lightweight


  1. Recycled bamboo and steel material
  2. Flexible head
  3. Affordable

This razor has caught a lot of attention in the market, thanks to its eco-friendly concept, unique material, and user-friendly design. The smooth bamboo handle is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a good eco-friendly option. Made from recycled bamboo handles and recycled steel blades, the Bull Dog has a strong edge that can last a long time. It has a sturdy structure despite being affordable!

It also has a flexible head, which makes it easier to shave. It helps to reach the contours and edges of your face for a clean and precise shave. The razor has a lubricating strip that is infused with aloe extracts that nourish the skin and prevent itching right after shaving.

Disclaimer: Make sure to check the tightness of the blade before every use or else your razor can become loose halfway through your shaving.

Buy here: Amazon

Guide to choosing the right eco-friendly razor

With the given options, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. To make the decision easier for you, let’s look into some key specifications that may help you make the best choice.

These factors were foundational to our research and we hope that it helps you to choose from our recommendations as well.

1. Razor

The most common eco-friendly material used for a razor is steel/metal. Make sure you use a rust-free metal razor for durability. The only thing that you might have to replace is the blade itself. Also, most of the razors that we have included in the list are double-edged safety razors as it is versatile for all. We have also included a cut-throat razor for advanced users, providing a clean-cut shave.

2. Handle length

Another key feature is the length of the handle. People who are experienced and want a quick shave might prefer a longer handle than short ones. Short handles provide more control and grip. It is recommended to use short to medium length for the face and longer length for the legs. However, choose a handle length based on your own comfort.

3. Grip

The grip is yet another essential factor to look out for, especially with wet shaves. Make sure that the razor is designed for better grip and that it is non-slippery. A bamboo handle naturally has a better grip than metal handles. Metal handles, especially smooth shiny ones, are better to be avoided because they are slippery; instead, look out for metal razors with textured metal handles.

How to use an eco-friendly safety razor?

Before Shaving

Before you use a sustainable razor, make sure that you prep your skin properly. To ensure a clean and safe shave, it is best to shave during or after a shower as your skin gets a bit softer and the hair follicles also become a bit relaxed. Cool down your skin before shaving to ensure you don’t cut yourself easily.

While using the razor

The first step is to make sure that you apply a generous amount of shaving cream or soap and leave it for a minute so it can soften your skin. Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle (you can adjust according to your comfort) and shave in the direction of the hair growth. Take short strokes if you are a beginner. Don’t apply excess pressure that can cause razor cuts. Usually, the weight of the razor is enough to do the job. Replace the blade every week of use.


Rinse your face with cold water to close the skin pores and apply a sustainable aftershave lotion to help smooth and repair the skin from any irritation.

The Bottom Line

The good news is that going for an eco-friendly razor is an easy step to start your eco-friendly journey.

There is much more to change and improve, so taking gradual and consistent steps towards a sustainable lifestyle is the key to success.

Want to know more about other eco-friendly products? Check out our other product reviews!

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