Whether you manage your own house or hire someone to clean your home, effective and eco-friendly cleaning and laundry alternatives are sure to be your home’s best friend, create a mindset and weave in happy guest reviews at your space. What are the cleaning products you see yourself choosing?

It is easier for us to choose in-store options that are cheap and readily available. But selecting proper eco-friendly cleaning and laundry alternatives is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many natural and eco-friendly options available on Amazon to choose from.

These eco-friendly and natural cleaning and laundry alternatives also have a green pledge badge by Amazon that qualifies the prerequisite of listed certifications necessary for good quality eco-friendly products.

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Eco Eggs Review: In a nutshell

Founded by: Rob Knight


  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging.
  • Compact by design - as approved by Amazon
  • Good Housekeeping 2020
  • Allergy UK’s ‘Allergy Friendly Product’


  • Inexpensive option at just 10p/wash
  • A-rated excellent choice for sensitive skin
  • Convenient to use
  • Refillable
  • Works on cold washes


  • Might have to pre-treat stains
  • Keep the temperature under 60 degrees celsius
  • A large machine might need two eggs


  1. Eco-friendly
  2. UK-Made
  3. Cruelty-free
  4. Vegan
  5. Paraben-free
  6. Safe for septic tanks
  7. Palm oil-free

Average Customer Review (Amazon): 4.5/5 (2000+)

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Before we get right into reviewing the Eco Egg eco-friendly laundry alternative, it is important to know what makes a product eco friendly and the benefits of using eco-friendly and natural cleaning and laundry alternatives.

But why choose eco-friendly and natural cleaning and laundry alternatives in the first place?

Many people can be allergic to chemicals and have difficulties breathing. To avoid such problems and ensure better health for an extended period, natural and eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products are a great alternative to many well-known brands. There are many benefits while choosing eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning and laundry products.

Fewer chemicals

One of the most significant issues with using everyday laundry and cleaning products is that it contains chemicals that can last for years in the ecosystem and be dangerous to health. It was found that if too much phosphate is released into the water, algae can breed, depleting the water of oxygen and killing marine life. Harsh chemicals also release carcinogenic toxins that can irritate the skin.

Eco-friendly option

Natural and organic laundry and cleaning alternatives are eco friendly, and fewer chemicals end up in the water stream. They are more biodegradable and keep everything clean and safe.

What makes a laundry and cleaning product green and eco friendly?

Being labelled green and eco friendly can be confusing and is often used by companies to misguide the consumer. Here’s what it truly means to be “green” or “eco friendly”.

Green means being eco friendly

The most basic requirement for an organic/ green cleaning and laundry alternative is that it needs to be eco friendly. This means that it must consist of far fewer chemicals that can harm the ecosystem, should be biodegradable, and use less water and resources.

Green means it needs to be safe and toxin-free

Since most of the chemicals in laundry and cleaning products can be harmful to humans, most of the green options are usually safe and healthy alternatives.

Ecoegg Review: All that you need to know

Here’s how it started - Ecoegg Founder: Robert Knight

Rob Knight founded Maidstone-based Ecoegg - which aimed to produce eco-friendly cleaning and household products. Knight says that he started his business after noticing his girlfriend’s struggle to find a safe washing detergent for her skin.

He soon developed the infamous laundry egg, which eliminates the need to add chemicals in the washing detergent and is eco friendly and skin safe. He states that the company works hard to develop products that create a positive and tangible impact on people's lives.

What is an Ecoegg?

Ecoegg is considered one of the “natural detergent breakthroughs”, an award-winning laundry egg that has completely transformed the way we use washing detergent.

It is an egg-shaped plastic container that holds mineral pellets. It lasts for many washes and can be refillable. The egg itself can last for ten years. All you have to do is pop the egg in the washing machine, and it gets the job done.

The Ecoegg was proven to work just as fine as any other regular detergent in the lab while also being a natural and eco-friendly alternative to harsh detergents. Certified by Allergy UK and National Eczema Society, the Ecoegg has been tested by dermatologists and is best for sensitive skin.

How does Ecoegg work? Does it actually work?

The biodegradable detergent component in the Ecoegg pellets dissolves in the water, lifts the dirt from fabrics, and helps take hold of grease. The other pellet prevents the dirt in the water from getting back to the material. The black tourmaline pellet ionises the water and makes it more alkaline. Alkaline water not only helps to remove dirt but also softens the fabric.

It might seem like a bizarre concept, but this is something to look into - especially with its partnership with the National Eczema Society - as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to laundry and cleaning products.

Many people can have a hard time switching to eco-friendly laundry and cleaning alternatives. It all has to do with the critical mindset shift in your progress. It is definite that with the 800+ reviews on Amazon. In the UK, this egg works well. It also is known to leave no residue on clothes.

How do you use the Ecoegg product?

First, make sure you load your washing with enough clothes and water.

  1. Pop open the Ecoegg from the packaging and toss it in the washing
  2. You can set up the washing cycle and make sure that the temperature is under 60c
  3. Run the washing as usual
  4. After washing, take out the egg and dry it before storing it.
Things to note:
  1. Remove the Ecoegg from the wash before operating the dryer.
  2. Ensure that you clean the machine before use for better hygiene.

Our recommendations while using the Ecoegg
  1. You can use Eco eggs detox tablet before washing
  2. Make sure to clean the washing machine filter
  3. Use a 30 minute, cold wash cycle
  4. Might have to use stain remover for tougher stains

Other products you can try from Ecoegg

Ecoegg laundry egg

The Ecoegg laundry egg is a unique way of washing laundry that helps clean clothes effectively. The egg contains two types of natural mineral pellets stored in the reusable egg. The pellets have no toxic chemicals and easily replace store laundry detergents. The formula is safe on the skin and also helps to reduce many plastic bottles.

All you have to do is pop the mineral pellets into the egg and then toss it in the washing machine. The egg contains enough pellets for 70 washes. Both types of pellets complement each other and work to remove the dirt and soften the fabric, leaving your clothes clean and soft.

Ecoegg One sponge

This multi-purpose sponge is functional and uniquely designed to remove stains and bacteria from surfaces and is best to remove burnt food stains from pans and utensils. Just add a few drops of liquid soap to the sponge’s pocket. It is pretty flexible and can be used on plates and dishes. It is also long-lasting as it is made from silicone and does not absorb any dirt or odour. You can use a dishwasher to clean it.

Ecoegg for whites

The laundry egg pellets contain a formula of natural brighteners that helps to make your clothes look whiter and brighter. The blue flecks in the white pellet are what helps to keep the clothes white. The white and black pellets work together to remove dirt and soften the fabric.

Ecogg Detox tablets

You can use these tablets to deep clean your machine before using the laundry egg. It is known to remove any build up in the machine and get it squeaky clean. It also removes any odor and cleans the pipes. You can use the tablets every month to keep the washing machine in good condition.

Ecoegg bamboo towels

The Ecoegg bamboo towels are an eco-friendly alternative to kitchen rolls. It is made from bamboo fibres and can wipe away spills from surfaces. It is absorbent and robust - giving up to 1700 uses with every towel.


Eco eggs refill bundle

Suppose you are looking for a complete set of products that provides the most thorough cleaning in the most sustainable way possible. In that case, Ecoeggs refillable bundle is the best choice to use the laundry eggs again and detox the washing machine.

  1. You get to choose two laundry egg refills of your choice - 100 refills in total
  2. One box of 6 detox tablets
Ecoegg laundry and kitchen bundle

Save some money with the kitchen and laundry bundle:

  1. Ecoegg laundry egg
  2. Ecoegg One Sponge - stain-resistant silicone sponge

Ecoegg starter bundle

It is the perfect bundle for beginners and first-time users. You can choose from the available fragrances for the bundle.

  1. Laundry egg
  2. 1 Detox tablet
  3. Egg cup holder
  4. Dryer eggs

Ecoegg laundry egg honest customer test reviews

Customers have stated that they have used this “egg” for years. It works amazingly and leaves no odour whatsoever. It is one of the most practical, easy-to-use, and environmentally green products.

Some customers have reported that the laundry might have less fragrance in the second wash, but that has nothing to do with its effectiveness. According to the instructions given by Ecoegg, it is essential to let the pellets saturate in the water to make the most of their cleansing power.

Some have noted that while the Ecoegg is effective at removing stains, tough stains like dye stains and others might need a handwash. All in all, the Ecoegg products, especially the laundry eggs, performs incredibly well.

According to the website, the dryer balls are known to reduce the drying time by 28%. We love that the dryer balls are chemical-free and give the clothes a fresh smell.

Benefits of using an Ecoegg product

  1. Simplifies doing the laundry: It only takes a few steps to load the machine to wash and not worry about anything else. You can toss the egg in and let it do the work.
  2. The ease of using the egg: You don’t have to measure the amount of detergent and liquid for every wash. There are no spills or mess in and around your machine.
  3. Travel friendly: All the products are compactly packed, making them travel-friendly. It is pretty light and easy to store.
  4. The products are also decently priced. You will see significant cost savings over time because you no longer need to buy detergent bottles.

Where can I buy an Ecoegg?

You can buy the Ecoegg on Amazon or visit their website at www.ecoegg.com.

What is the Sustainability Champions' verdict on Ecoegg?

In conclusion, the Ecoegg products do work as described. It is also recommended to use their detox tablet before washing clothes. The Ecoegg laundry egg does a great job removing the stains and keeping your clothes nice and clean without causing any harm to you and the environment.

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