Kevin McGeeney founded ClimatePositive to help people easily offset their car’s emissions. As of this writing, they have offset over 443,000,000 metric tons of CO2!

Countries all around the world are aiming to drastically cut down and eventually eliminate carbon emissions to divert the catastrophic results of climate change.

Despite having ideas on how to reduce emissions as quickly and drastically as possible, there’s one main point to this problem: countries need to stop using fossil fuels to power transportation. The most obvious step towards achieving this goal is to get as many people as possible to buy zero-emission cars.

But maybe that’s not true. Research suggests that customer behavior plays a significant role in environmental implications. Transition to electric cars, buses, and trucks will be harder than it seems because vehicles are surprisingly durable.

Even though cheap batteries and government subsidies might help, owning an EV is still quite challenging. There are few charging stations in cities and even fewer in the countryside and the driving range is reduced in cold weather.

So how can we reduce carbon emissions from cars?

Since transportation is one of the major sources of carbon emissions, it is essential to take steps to reduce the emissions from cars and trucks. Some immediate steps can include:

  1. Drive less: You can opt for options like walking, cycling, or taking public transport.
  2. Drive consciously: Make sure you regularly maintain your automobile and use the recommended oil so that the car runs at its best.

However, these steps alone are not enough to drastically cut the amount of carbon emission generated by cars today. The increasing population and the urge for social status have fueled the production of cars more than ever before. Even if some people choose to move to electric vehicles, not everyone can afford to make the switch.

The shift to EV cars might take more than a decade, but the issue needs to be addressed immediately before it's too late.

Why is offsetting carbon emissions from transportation important?

Cars and trucks account for nearly 15%-20% of global carbon emissions and makeup to 20%-30% of an average household’s carbon footprint. Demand for cars is increasing every day, with a minimal shift to EV alternatives.

Offsetting the carbon emissions from personal transportation like cars alone would provide better control over the carbon emissions released in the atmosphere. And in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to identify the major source of pollution and take action towards eliminating it.

Are you wondering how you can calculate your car’s CO2 emissions and offset them? We have a solution - the ClimatePositive car badge!

Hear from the founder - Kevin McGeeney

Kevin McGeeney founded ClimatePositive to help individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint from their cars. ClimatePositive is an assured label that helps corporations and individuals reduce their CO2 emissions.

​​ClimatePositive was introduced at the end of March 2021, allowing individuals to offset their car's CO2 emissions.

Kevin learned that most people depend on cars for a wide variety of reasons and cannot switch to renewable options immediately. Getting rid of cars is not an option because of the comfort and support they provide to people on a daily basis. So to offset the carbon footprint from cars, ClimatePositive funds different verified CO2 offsetting projects that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

How does ClimatePositive work?

Customers receive a badge demonstrating their environmental commitment in addition to offsetting their car's CO2 emissions by joining ClimatePositive. As a result, ClimatePositive provides a simple way to maintain the automobile while also contributing to the environment without having to change or modify one’s lifestyle.

ClimatePositive saves people the trouble of having to calculate their car’s CO2 emissions by doing it for them. To calculate the amount of CO2 to offset, ClimatePositive uses the emissions from the highest emitting automobile from 800 popular cars they examined to ensure that all automobile types and engine sizes are covered.

Furthermore, they go a step beyond carbon neutral by offsetting emissions by 25% more than the highest-polluting automobile to give back more to the environment than any of their customers’ cars take.

The money raised by these automobile badges is used to finance environmental programs that help remove carbon from the atmosphere while achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The validated initiatives all make a positive difference and meet Gold or Verra standard. They range from using renewable energy to power schools to conserving land in the Amazon and restoring mangrove forests in Mexico.

Individuals who become ClimatePositive members receive a vehicle sticker to proudly show their environmental commitment. Customers are not only funding verified initiatives that have a positive environmental impact and promote economic empowerment, but they are also supporting the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 1 billion metric tonnes by 2030. More than 400 million metric tonnes of CO2 have already been removed as a result of their global operations.

The Impact

The dedication to helping consumers offset their car's carbon impact is at the heart of ClimatePositive's business model. The efforts to assist certified environmental initiatives across the world have resulted in offsetting more than 400 million metric tonnes of CO2, enough to power 70 million households location for a year!

How does the carbon emission calculation work? - Calculate the carbon footprint of your car

ClimatePositive saves people the trouble of having to calculate their CO2 emissions by doing it for them using the highest emitting automobile from the 800 most popular cars.

Their approach is designed to guarantee that their operations are carried out methodically, using data that are documented, recorded, consistent, and current.

The total offsets required to reduce these emissions are then acquired from a variety of carbon offset schemes that allow people and businesses to invest in environmental projects across the world.

How do you get the ClimatePositive car badge?

Go to and click ‘Get My Car Badge’. You will be redirected to a page where you can choose the type of fuel your car uses - conventional or fully electric. You select the number of months you would like to offset your car for and make the payment! You will then receive your ClimatePositive badge to show that you have offset your car’s emissions!


1. Why are vehicle emissions harmful?

Transportation pollution amounts to 29% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicles emit a range of pollutants in the air like nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide that are harmful to human health. They also emit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. At controlled levels, greenhouse gases help to store some sunlight in the atmosphere, helping the Earth stay warm. But the spike in greenhouse gases from man-made items like cars is causing climate change.

2. How are the CO2 emissions from a car calculated?

It depends on various factors like distance traveled, fuel used, fuel consumption, and the car model. Other factors like maintenance, usage, and durability also matter. The calculations are accessible in their basis of preparation audited by PwC.

3. How can I offset carbon emissions from my car?

ClimatePostive provides an immediate solution to offset CO2 emissions from your car. It supports projects that directly work to offset carbon emissions. By subscribing to the badge, you automatically become a part of the mission to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and thereby offset your carbon footprint. ClimatePositive partners with different initiatives that directly work to offset climate change.

The Bottomline

Offsetting carbon emissions is one of the most urgent actions to combat climate change. ClimatePositive offers an immediate way to be a part of this movement and neutralize your carbon footprint. Get your badge for environmental commitment today!

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