We love standing up for sustainable brands that truly believe in a healthy and less wasteful lifestyle.

In this article, we will be reviewing NOICE, the eco-friendly organic toothpaste that is innovating the way we clean our teeth. We have also used this toothpaste, giving our honest feedback on other customers’ experiences.

Even though it is not 100% zero waste (however everything is easily recyclable!), it is a great alternative to conventional toothpaste, considering everything from ingredients to packaging which can be reused or recycled rather than ending up in a landfill.

It is possible to go to zero waste with your oral healthcare. This is why switching to a sustainable alternative like Noice Care is a great option when looking at how you can reduce your single-use waste.

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Why do we need a sustainable alternative for toothpaste?

Conventional toothpastes are not always sustainable and eco friendly. It causes a two-fold issue - one with the packaging and the other with the ingredients of the toothpaste.

Toothpastes usually come in plastic tubes that have layers of coating and dyes, making it difficult to recycle or reuse. Moreover, the toothpaste also comes in multiple layers of packaging, which further multiplies the issue of plastic pollution. In addition, ingredients like fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, propylene glycol, triclosan, and additives can be quite harmful to the environment and health. Triclosan is a very common and one of the worst ingredients because,  when it comes in contact with sunlight, it converts into dioxin, which is an extremely harmful compound for living organisms.

According to the WHO, dioxins accumulate in fatty tissues which can rupture the development in infants. What’s even worse is that triclosan can combine with chlorine to form chloroform (a known carcinogen).

It is a conscious and sensible decision to switch to eco-friendly alternatives, not only for yourself but for the planet as part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Noice Care Organic Dental Gel - Good For You and the Planet

Revolutionizing the toothpaste experience with NOICE, French entrepreneurs Clement Hochart and Morgane Soret decided to break the norm and create a unique flavor of toothpaste.

Approved by dentists, NOICE is the world’s first refillable toothpaste gel that offers complete oral care with a refreshing taste that is hassle-free and easy to use. The product itself offers a combination of benefits:

  1. Sustainable packaging
  2. Organic active ingredients
  3. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  4. Does not contain preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfate or fluoride.

It helps to clean gums and teeth, without any waste or the harmful chemicals contained in conventional toothpastes.

The unique dental gel comes in a glass jar (recyclable) with a plastic pump. The best part is you order refills and transfer the pump to a fresh jar and recycle the old jar once it is empty. The company looks forward to delivering the refillable containers in compostable pouches in the near future. All the products are shipped in FSC certified cardboard with no plastics or wasteful materials.

How does NOICE feel and perform?

The dental gel gives a unique experience to oral care. It might feel weird to have a black gel on your toothbrush, but that’s because it is made from natural and organic charcoals. Even though it does not foam as much as conventional toothpastes, it leaves the teeth and mouth feeling squeaky clean, and refreshed.

The gel is easy to wash from the teeth, unlike pasty leftovers from regular toothpaste. You will also notice almost no toothpaste residue left on your toothbrush after washing it.

NOICE has certified organic ingredients that have a soothing effect on the gums and teeth, helping you to maintain oral care better than regular toothpaste. Dr. Neha Goswami also stated that this organic toothpaste helps to fight plaque formation, leaving a refreshing sensation after brushing.

The great thing is that the organic ingredients don’t reduce the impact of how well this toothpaste performs. We will discuss the effectiveness of the ingredients further below, so keep reading!

We are confident to say that NOICE leaves your mouth clean and fresh.

The NOICE experience

Besides the unique brushing experience, NOICE follows a subscription model, which makes it easier to keep a zero waste oral care routine! NOICE also sends refills whenever you need to buy more. You can either place an order online or via ambassador stores.

  1. After you use a bottle of NOICE, you can recycle the empty container. Order the refill bottle online and receive NOICE at your doorstep.
  2. Take out the plastic pump and place it into the new refill. Now your toothpaste is as good as new!
  3. You can recycle the empty glass containers and metal lid or return them at one of their collection points.

You can also subscribe for monthly refills. Here’s how it works:

With the subscription model, you save up to 38% by paying only $4.95 (£4.50 GBP)/month. The supplies are delivered every four months - one bottle with a pump and 2 refill bottles. The subscription box is sent immediately. You can choose to cancel, skip or postpone the delivery with no added cost. You also get free shipping and the bottles arrive within 3-5 working days.

  1. In the first month of your subscription, you will receive a NOICE Dental Gel starter pack with a pump bottle and two refillable bottles.
  2. You are all set for 4 months of oral care. When your first bottle runs out, remove the pump from the empty and attach it to the refill.
  3. After 4 months, you will automatically receive 3 refill bottles to keep up with your zero waste oral care!

Our experience with NOICE

The toothpaste has a gel-like consistency rather than a paste - it doesn’t foam! You might need to use more product with a bit more effort to make sure it cleans the mouth effectively. It has a bit of gooey sensation which can take a few uses to get accustomed to. The taste is unlike regular toothpaste: it has a minty flavor with a hint of licorice, citrus and chamomile. It is also quite sweet, especially compared to conventional toothpastes! Even though the flavor is different, there is no difference in how fresh your mouth feels after using the product.

Overall, the product may seem a little weird to use at first, but it performs as well as regular toothpaste, with the benefit of having natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. The subscription model also makes it extra convenient to use because you don’t have to worry about your toothpaste running out or needing to go to the store to buy more - NOICE delivers the product directly to you.

Additional thoughts

The color of this gel is black. It might seem a bit strange at first but you get used to it very quickly. If you don’t like the flavor of anise (licorice), this dental gel might not be your favorite.

Despite its unique taste, we recommend to keep using the product until you get comfortable as the benefits from this product are great.

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The Goodness of NOICE’s ingredients

The ingredients are carefully selected by dentists, offering a healthy oral care routine. The toothpaste formula is vegan and cruelty-free. All the active ingredients in this formula are organic and ethically sourced.

The formula is free from:

  1. Fluoride
  2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  3. Artificial colors and flavors
  4. Sweeteners
  5. Preservatives

Let’s look into the ingredients individually and analyze their impact on our overall oral health.

  1. Bamboo-derived charcoal for natural whitening: charcoal is known to absorb toxins, impurities, and free radicals. It is very absorbent and gets rid of foul odors that can occur in the mouth.
  2. Licorice essential oil for root strengthening: The Licorice root contains a compound called glycyrrhizin which helps to reduce the chances of tooth decay. This ingredient helps keep the teeth clean and reduces soreness in teeth and gums.
  3. Citrus essential oil: helps to eliminate receding gums and tooth decay.
  4. Sage essential oil: Sage is known to contain anti-microbial properties that help control microbes that can promote dental plaque.
  5. Chamomile essential oil: Helps to reduce bacterial plaque in the long run.
  6. Peppermint and menthol organic essential oil: Peppermint has a cooling and numbing effect to soothe muscle aches and helps to fight oral pathogens.
  7. Anise seed essential oil: a tonic for teeth and gum. It is also an effective remedy to cure the issue of bad breath.
  8. Eucalyptus essential oil: helps to keep the gums strong by eliminating bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum-related diseases.
  9. Tea tree essential oil: The antibacterial properties of tea tree essential oils leave the mouth feeling clean and removes unhealthy bacteria.
  10. Vegetal glycerin and Lecithin help preserve and bind the ingredients together with a thick base.

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Why is NOICE a sustainable option for oral care?

Billions of toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year. NOICE believes that if there is waste, that indicates a flaw in the design and they were determined  to create a  zero-waste toothpaste. This is why NOICE was founded: the first natural and zero-waste dental gel with a subscription model.

  1. No single-use plastic: The subscription model eliminates the use of single-use plastic and supplies products without interruption. You can easily move the pump from one refill bottle to another when you run out.
  2. All the ingredients used in the formula are natural and ethically sourced. 99.3% of the ingredients are natural and non-GMO. Even the essential oils are organic.
  3. Even though the company is already offering a reduced-waste alternative for dental gel, NOICE compensates its remaining environmental footprint by participating in mangroves reforestation in the Gulf of Mottama, Myanmar.
  4. The subscription and delivery boxes are made from  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved recyclable cardboard.
  5. The white plastic pump has been produced white so that it can be easily recycled at the end of its life.

Disclaimer (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. NOICE dental gel is not recommended for children under the age of 12 or pregnant women because of the essential oils used.
  2. It is safe for human consumption but potentially harmful for pets. Keep it away from their reach.
  3. One bottle contains 45 ml of natural toothpaste.

Final Verdict

Small efforts spread across a large population create a big difference. You might be satisfied by swapping to plastic-free bamboo toothbrushes or floss, but that does not make the dental care routine fully zero waste.

The NOICE care organic toothpaste is a perfect addition to the routine for zero-waste hassle-free dental care. In addition, one of the major concerns was the performance of the product. This dental gel performs as well as, if not better than, conventional toothpaste - in terms of texture, cleaning, taste, and feel.

The subscription model is also a conscious effort to lower the carbon footprint, with 100% eco-friendly packaging and bulk refillable bottles for 4 months!

The NOICE care organic toothpaste is certainly worth a try. The product has effectively revolutionized the “usual norms” of oral healthcare and has made zero waste dental gel accessible and convenient to those looking to make the sustainable switch.

Remember, sustainability is a constant path, with small actionable steps to become conscious about the brands we choose. NOICE is one such brand, working towards innovating products with less waste and a positive environmental impact! If you have any questions, please drop a comment below. We will update the information and reply to you soon!

Buy here: NOICE

Food for thought

Be mindful and aware of your actions and their influence on the environment in your daily decisions and actions. Whether it is the amount of plastic, paper, or water you use or reducing your consumption, you have the potential to make a big impact to protect and heal the planet. There are so many ways to get started with eco-friendly living! Just remember, you don’t need to do everything all at once: start with one sustainable habit at a time.

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