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Profyle Card - how one little card is helping the planet and changing how we connect.

At Sustainability Champions, we recognise and celebrate the power of tiny changes; think paper straws, reusable grocery bags and vegan Mondays; all small, collective changes that lead to enormous benefits for us and the environment. That's precisely what the people at Profyle Card are doing; with one little card, they are changing the way we think, connect and work. 

How often have you found an old, outdated, half-filled box of old business cards? It happens to us all. Traditional business cards are printed in bulk, go out of date quickly and are often just thrown away. It is estimated that 27 million paper cards are printed daily, of which over 88% go to waste yearly: that's a lot of trees! Yes, many countries have great recycling plans that will put many of those cards to good use elsewhere, but we know you'll agree that it would be better if no trees were harmed in the process! And in this digital age, paper business cards seem a somewhat outdated mode of connecting.

Where it all started

In 2020 co-founders Chris Tingley and Jonathan Murphy wanted to address this issue whilst doing their bit for the environment, so they created Profyle Card to introduce a more reliable, reusable, and environmentally friendly replacement for wasteful single-use paper business/contact cards. Chris and Jonathan also developed Profyle Card amid the pandemic in direct response to a world that quickly had to adapt to contactless payments and Covid safe meetings. Along with its environmental benefits, Profyle card enables secure and seamless information sharing from card to digital device.

Today, Profyle Card is disrupting how people network with each other. It is the perfect solution for client-facing professionals attending trade shows, networking events and business meetings, supporting companies and individuals that want to reduce their costs and their environmental impact and, at the same time, modernise their operations.

Profyle Card is not only the modern alternative to all those wasteful paper business cards. It also allows you to share much more than the info on a traditional paper card; with just a tap of your card on your new contact's phone, you can quickly transfer business, social links, videos, reports, and other custom links. And you can update your details at any time and re-use the same card repeatedly!

How it works

Simply tap your card against the recipient's phone to share your information; no app required! NFC and QR Code technology does the rest by quickly transferring the information while Vcard (found in all computers and phones, Apple, or android) saves the contact details into the address book on the recipient's phone. After your meeting, your contact can type in a name in the address book to retrieve their information. Or, by typing in "Profyle', it's possible to recover all contacts you've saved via the product.

Moreover, for busy professionals who attend numerous events, the Profyle card team is also developing a "where I met you" feature to remind users where they met their new contacts. Once you retrieve their profile details, you'll see several buttons for their email, phone or social information. With a simple tap of a social button, for instance, Instagram, you'll be taken to their profile within the Instagram app, where you can easily click to follow them.

In this fast-paced world of work, our details are constantly changing; Profyle Card comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to update your information to the same card repeatedly without reprinting more cards and chopping down more trees!


With a range of 10 pre-printed colours, the company offers different packages to suit all needs, starting at £9.95 (a one-off payment!). With the cost of living rapidly increasing, we all need to find ways to cut costs. Profyle Card is an affordable solution for networking with an environmental conscience, whether you are an individual, a small business or a big corporation. 

For the consumer, there's the Intro card that allows you to share basic information, such as:

  • Profile Photo
  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Landline Number
  • Job Title

This option comes with a simple admin page interface that allows the user to change their information at any time, and it also comes with email support. 

For those who use social channels, there's the Profyle Card Plus package that offers the addition of extra information and 25+ social profiles, and they can choose from up to 10 colours for the design and layout of their card, which comes with a matte finish exclusive to Profyle Plus customers. If an Intro card user decides they would like these extra features at a later date, they can easily upgrade to the Plus package.

Profyle card Pro is ideal for small teams and entrepreneurs; they can add their own business logo, choose their online profile colours to match their brand, and choose additional features such as the option of 12 card colours, colour matching and a digital logo.

And for business users with teams that require ten cards or more, there are the same features as Pro but with the possibility of custom printed cards and profile pages, a feature video, a subscription and a management tool and CRM integration. The management tool allows admins to efficiently track and manage their team profiles company-wide and swap cards within the business. And, because team Profyle Card recognises that business changes and needs are time critical, the Business package offers email and phone support, so customers can quickly chat to those friendly people at Profyle Card for speedy help.

Works with all devices 

The technology is as flexible as the package options because Chris and Jonathan recognise that not all of their customers will have the latest device with all the bells and whistles. Each customer's card is assigned a unique QR code and NFC to ensure they can share their details with anyone, no matter their device! You can check the device compatibility list here:

Helping the planet

Profyle Card has also been certified by Carbon Neutral Britain, demonstrating that it offsets all its carbon emissions; this means that the products arrive to their forward-thinking customers as completely carbon neutral and helps them to reduce their own carbon footprint. For each purchase, Profyle Card can tell how many kgs of CO2 have been saved by choosing not to print paper business cards so they can keep a tally of just how much of a positive impact their product has had on the environment. And the positive work doesn't stop there; Profyle card ensures that they use 100% recycled & recyclable packaging, and for anyone questioning the fact that Profyle Card is plastic, Chris and Jonathan have thought of that too. They told us that the aim is to use only recycled plastic in their cards.

What customers are saying

Their clients have so many positive things to say about Profyle Card; from the safety element to the flexibility of a product that allows them to share so much more than their basic information with a simple tap, they also love the quick delivery (often next day) and the fact that it's fast and easy to set up, taking only around 10 minutes from start to finish. Those who like to keep close tabs on the positive difference they are making to the planet can regularly check in on the Profyle Card website to see how many trees they have helped save. Today that figure stands at one tonne!

With that shocking figure of 88% of cards are discarded in less than a week, it's heartening to see that people like Chris and Jonathan use their entrepreneurial spirit to make connecting easier and safer for all while being considerate to the planet. This simple and innovative solution is fast, effective, and Covid-friendly - no handshake necessary, as they put it, "just a tap and no apps!" So, if you use paper business cards, save yourself and your contacts some time, cut down costs but not trees, and make a difference with Profyle Card. The forests and their inhabitants will thank you, and so will Jonathan and Chris!

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