Whether you plan to work from home or go out, clothing impacts your confidence. Simply wearing a set of clothing that makes us feel comfortable can give us confidence as if by magic. There is no denying that the act of dressing up is also linked to mental health.

Clothing can psychologically shift the mood. It helps to find stability in the routine and mentally helps differentiate personal and work life. However, dressing well should not only help with mental well-being but should also be ethically produced and sustainable. Eco-friendly clothing brands are definitely a way to go!

The problem with fast fashion

While it is not illegal, fast fashion is quite unethical and essentially unsustainable for the environment. Child labour, slavery, toxic chemicals, mass manufacturing, using cheap and unsustainable materials and excessive water usage are some of the problems associated with fast fashion.

Fast fashion thrives on the “low cost and super fast” fashion trend, where companies change the style and clothing in a turnaround time of approximately six months or less. Fashion trends go from fashion shows to the market is merely a few weeks.

It is found that nearly 87% of fast fashion brands source their materials and labour from China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey, which also has some severe environmental complications. Moreover, many fast fashion brands don’t have a proper waste management system. There is no excuse for brands to deplete, pollute, and destroy the environment, with millions of clothes in landfills.

Why choose eco-friendly and sustainable clothing? What counts as sustainable clothing?

For many people not only does an item of clothing need to look good, but also it needs to be classic, durable and can be worn in multiple ways.

It’s no surprise that fast fashion brands have become the go-to when it comes to our clothing purchases. Usually, price, trends and convenience get the upper hand when we determine what goes into our wardrobe.

Sustainable fashion is all about sourcing, designing, manufacturing, and disposing of clothes in the most eco-friendly way possible. We highly recommend considering and prioritizing the social and environmental concerns when shopping for clothes.

Wear Pact - One of the largest sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brands

They are now talking about Pact, one of the leading brands in sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.  Pact describes itself as a “practical, comfortable and easy brand because life isn’t always so”. We love how much the brand’s tagline resonates with what they do and believe in!

100% of Pact’s manufactured garments are organic, which means that they are free from toxic chemicals, dyes, and artificial substances and use less water than conventional materials.

Our Sustainable Champion - Brendan Synnot, Founder of the Pact

Brendan Synnot started with a lofty goal of creating the comfiest clothes in the world without harming any communities or destroying the earth and its ecosystem. He firmly believes that what we wear matters.

According to Synnott, Millennials are looking for brands with social causes embodied in the products as well as ones that are affordable and sustainable.

PACT's affordable organic clothes and essentials make it simple for customers to begin developing a green wardrobe. PACT uses 100% Certified Organic Cotton farmed in India to assure high-quality clothes and clean materials on their customers' skin while reducing the negative environmental impacts.

Organic cotton is essential because pesticides used in conventional cotton may contaminate the environment, causing health concerns for farmers and severely hurting developing communities. Because PACT's Certified Organic Cotton is grown without toxic chemicals or pesticides, it pollutes the environment less than conventional cotton.

Pact Review: What is Pact best for?

According to Synnot, the company’s secret to success is making comfortable basics for the entire family. Everyone needs them!

Pact clothing is best for basics, something that people want every day. You will not find high-end dramatic fashion pieces; instead, it is best for buying staples like t-shirts, sweat pants, leggings, hoodies, etc.

Occasionally you might find different designs, but most of their stuff is simple, comfortable and evergreen.  

Pact Review: What do we love?

There are many things that we love about Pact. To begin with, Pact’s clothes are effortless and essential. This helps the buyers to create different looks from just a few pieces. The dresses are made from high-quality organic cotton and are manufactured in good conditions. The material is just organic cotton which is comfortable and soft to the skin. The designs are simple, and the colours are vibrant.

You can find a range of basics in earthy and decent hues that are evergreen. Pact’s clothing range is best for someone who wants to start a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of clothing pieces that can be interchanged and complement each other.

Pact clothing is created in India in Fair Trade Certified facilities. This ensures that garment industry workers are paid fairly and have a pleasant working environment. PACT customers can feel good about wearing their clothes because their employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Pact Review: What don’t we like?

We LOVE everything about Pact clothes. There isn’t anything critically wrong with the brand as far as we can tell. That being said, we would love to see Pact improve in these two areas:

  1. The sizing: Pact’s children sizing and men’s sizing are a bit off. Some t-shirts are too large while others are too small than the average.
  2. Price: Like any other sustainable clothing brand, Pact’s clothing is expensive. You will not find inexpensive clothes from Pact.

Fabric Quality and Details

Pact is not playing games when they say that their quality is top-notch. We love the brand because they use pre-washed fabric to make the clothes shrink-resistant. They also have a good amount of stretch.

They ensure “To Not Be Gross” and promise not to use toxic dyes and clean materials - strictly using sustainable materials like organic cotton. The website states that they use certified organic cotton that consumes less water than regular cotton. The company doesn’t use harmful inorganic pesticides, to avoid water pollution.

Manufacturing Quality

The clothes are well made and sturdy. We did find reviews that stated that there were a few loose threads, but the stitching has no mistakes. The threads are also quite stretchable, which goes perfectly with the fabric.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Pact gets a good grade for its sustainability. The cotton they use and the factories they work with are Fair Trade Certified, and they save a lot of water with every order. They also have an option for customers to offset their carbon emissions on shipping. The packaging in which the clothing is sent is also minimal and is made from recycled materials and biodegradable plastic. You can also send your used clothing in their packaging back to the company.

The company is committed to using only organic, GOTS-certified cotton. All production practices are guaranteed to be free from child labour and sweatshop conditions. Along with a sustainable supply chain, Pact has partnered with Give Back Box, a program that helps you send a box full of unwanted clothes for distribution to areas where it is required.


We like that the models hired by Pact’s aren’t supermodels, but we would love to see Pact displaying more body types, ethnicities and genders. Even though they are inclusive of different skin tones, we would like them to consider different body types as well.


The material is pretty comfortable. The cotton is exceptionally soft and breathable. These clothes are best for lounging around. Their cotton shorts and pants can’t be beaten - they are simple, affordable and accessible.

Problem with the Pact

Pact is a socially responsible company that sets the bar high and produces outstanding results. However, because the product is "cheap" ecological apparel, there is a compromise in the fabric. There are inevitable tradeoffs when it comes to doing right by the customer. The pact is viable, but only up to a point. Although the company states that its objective is to empower people in developing countries, offshore production has a carbon imprint.

Final Verdict

In their evaluations, customers claimed that their Pact outfits are of good quality. The material was said to feel excellent against the skin in various reviews. Customers who looked for outstanding customer service stated they received it when they bought from Pact.

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