Sustainable, family-owned, vegan and pet parents: this company’s got it all. Let’s meet Mokai.

How it all started

In 2017, Andrea and Alejo had to face some bad news regarding the health of their 4-year old Akita, Ozzy: he had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

After multiple exams due to limping and pain, the veterinarian prescribed him Glucosamine, but Ozzy is a picky one. He truly disliked taking his medicine and Andrea had to force him to eat it; every tablet was becoming a nightmare for both of them.  Meanwhile, their recently adopted dog, Echo, was destroying the house due to separation anxiety.

Worried about the health of both of their dogs, Andrea and Alejo knew there had to be a better way of taking care of their pups.

That’s why they found a team of veterinary medicine specialists who shared the same passion and love for animals and nature. And after extensive research, the team was able to formulate superior products, made with nature’s best ingredients for dogs to enjoy as delicious treats while maximizing their health and wellness.

2020: everything changed (and not because of the covid pandemic)

Apart from being concerned and loving pet parents, Andrea and Alejo are nomads that live and travel on their boat. Spending too much time in the ocean, they realized that it was no longer the source of unlimited resources we think of.  In fact, they were surprised to find most coral reefs dead, plenty of remote beaches covered in plastic, and most species overfished and endangered, almost reaching the point of no return – extinction.

But the worst part of all was realizing that their own products were directly contributing to these environmental issues. Not only were their products packed in plastic (like most companies), but after weeks of research, they learned that commonly found ingredients in the industry of supplements were one of the reasons why our oceans and species were in such scary conditions.

As disappointing as this was for the team at that time, it truly was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to Mokai. The team was forced to find a solution, which included more than fifteen months of research, planning, and product development.

Now, Mokai’s team can say they’re proud to provide planet-loving pet parents with a great alternative, our sustainable brand of eco-friendly pet supplies.

By the end of 2022, all of their products will be free of plastic and contain only natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Mokai’s commitment to the world

Mokai is making a positive environmental impact by making their dog supplements from plant-based and sustainable ingredients, using plastic-free packaging that recycles forever, and by donating to 1% for the planet.

One of our favorite ingredients is their Omega-3, which is sourced from marine microalgae, instead of fish (which kills millions of tons of marine life every year). Like humans, dogs need omega-3 to thrive and Mokai’s supplements contain high concentrations of EPA and DHA but without contributing to overfishing and by-catch. Instead, each ton of Omega-3 from algae saves the equivalent of 60 tons of wild-caught fish.

In addition, Mokai has sourced key ingredients found in dog joint supplements, such as Chondroitin and Glucosamine, from plant-based sources.

In the past 50 years, the population of sharks has decreased by 70% and the Chondroitin found in joint supplements is usually sourced from shark cartilage. Mokai provides pet parents with a sustainable alternative, one that will protect these incredible marine animals from extinction, while keeping the benefits of the ingredient, making Mokai the only pet company to be certified as shark-free.

Lastly, Mokai uses plant-based Glucosamine as most of it comes from residue of Asian shellfish production (usually shrimp), which is caught using one of the most unsustainable fisheries, trawling.  This form of fishing destroys entire ecosystems, including coral reefs, marine mammals, and millions of species. In addition, Glucosamine from shellfish contains a significant number of health and environmental problems such as extreme water pollution caused by the widespread use of toxic pesticides and high levels of toxic waste materials.

Mokai is implementing sustainable business practices to make a positive change and build a better world.  The business is a proud member of 1% for the planet and is committed to donating 1% of its revenue to certified non-profits prioritizing the future of our planet.  

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